Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Holidays!

Like many divorced fathers, the holidays can be both times of sadness as well as times of happiness. I am looking forward to seeing my daughters who are all grown and the two oldest are married as well. I know that they love me and care for me as I also love and care for them. However it can be both frustrating and depressing to try and get time with them. They now have there husbands or boyfriends families to fit in as well as their mother and her family. I really do understand that these things come first to them. It can however be hard sometimes to realize that you are the last one on the list. It is so hectic for everyone at this time of year. I do feel great that they love me and make time for me. It is though hard sometimes to muster the holiday spirit when you are alone. I was used to preparing and hosting the big family dinners for many years, now it is a miracle to get two of them at my house at the same time. I know that I am a lucky man that I have such a good relationship with them. I know there are many parents that are estranged and do not get to see their children at all. I keep this in mind whenever I feel like I am the last on the list. I remember the old story about the many who was sad because he had no shoes until he met the man with no feet.

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  1. I think its wonderful that you have 3 loving kids. I wanted kids when I was married for over 11 years. I really wanted a son, was going to call him Justin Allen.